Our Case Studies

Great example of the ergonomic material handling capabilities of EMH Systems. Our customer requested a flex arm to be mounted to a dolly which would tighten two tie rod nuts. We designed and manufactured a custom tool holder for the nut runner that bolts directly into the flex arm. The flex arm has the ability swivel and lift in all directions. The lift cylinder assembly mounted to the nut runner can be lifted easily by adjusting a pneumatic valve. This feature allows a 20 lb tool to feel more like 2 pounds!! In addition the lift assembly is mounted on a turn table bearing so it can rotate in 360 degrees. The Sync Box assembly is made with Lexan panels on the outside for maintenance to view components. The two buttons on top of the dolly raise and lower the nylon and polyurethane block. When engaged the block lowers to the floor of a conveyor system which then rolls the dolly with the vehicle in the assembly plant. Whether it is simple or complex systems, EMH Systems can handle your material handling needs. Call us @502-867-7225 or email wcollins@emhsys.com to see how we can add value to your process! #materialhandlingequipment #ergonomics

More examples of conveyors designed and fabricated by EMH Systems!! One of our customers is an automotive manufacturer, which is an environment that has applications that require "out of the box thinking." Many times, their delivery carts need to be conveyors so the operator doesn't have to lift heavy weights. Sometimes, their applications require consideration for ergonomics and have lift tables integrated with the conveyor for level changes. We can assist with concept & design, then we can build it, and finally install it for you. We're a one-stop-shop, turnkey supplier. Give us a call for your next material handling project to see how we could add value to your process!

EMH Systems supports #nationalergonomicmonth for the month of October! This pneumatic Long Reach Elbow Manipulator provides safe and ergonomic lift assistance for sub assembly on extensively used heavy equipment assembly lines. This is just one example of how EMH Systems can protect your team and promote a safe work environment.

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EMH Systems is your one-stop-shop for concept, design, fabrication & installation of manipulators and lift devices. Here is an example of one that we designed for an agricultural manufacturer. The largest had a capacity of 4,500 lbs. and had a leveling feature that the operator controlled with a remote, to ensure keeping the center of gravity. Give us a call or email ejones@emhsys.com if you need help with your custom lifting needs!

More examples of operator lift platforms that we design and build for our customers! They can have level changes, programed heights into the control logic of the platform, and just about any feature you can think of to improve ergonomics for your manufacturing process. Give EMH Systems a call to see how we can help on your next ergonomic improvement project!

"Ultimately, it's not going to be about man versus machine. It is going to be about man with machines."

Satya Nadella

This a great example of the systems integration capabilities of EMH Systems. We designed and fabricated a 60-mold ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) for an automotive supplier that needed a better system for their mold delivery process. With this new system, the operator could tell it what mold they needed, the robot would retrieve the mold, deliver it to a transfer cart, and the cart would deliver the mold to the injection machine. If you're looking for a better way to store and deliver your molds, give us a call, or email ejones@emhsys.com to see how we can add value to your process!

Some custom carts that we designed and built for a customer in Houston, TX. The customer needed them to be made out of extruded aluminum to cut down the weight and reduce the push force required to move the carts around. It also makes them look clean! One design incorporated 2 roller conveyors into the top of it so pallets could easily exit the line onto the cart. The one with red incorporated a lift table into the cart so it could be used on 2 lines that were different heights. The final design was used so their operators could store cable sets on the carts while they are not using them. Just another example of the fabrication and design the team at EMH Systems can handle! Give us a call next time you need a new delivery method in your #manufacturing facility!

This a mezzanine & modular office project

in San Antonio, TX

This a mezzanine & Modular office project we did for a customer in San Antonio, TX. It involved a 5,000+ square-foot mezzanine and a modular office space on top, and below, that had multiple rooms. The customer needed more office space, a training room that could be divided into 2 separate classes, and 2,500 square-foot parts room. The parts room also had an elevator to take pallets of equipment & parts to the second level. Just another example of the variety of projects that EMH Systems can handle. Pictures of the finished product coming soon! Give us a call or email ejones@emhsys.com to see how we can be helpful on your next facilities project!

This is a picture of a large lift platform that we did for an agricultural equipment manufacturer. It is used during their assembly process to enable operator access at higher points of their equipment. Give EMH Systems a call or email ejones@emhsys.com for your next ergonomic equipment project! We can help from design to manufacture to installation, small lift tables to tilt tables to large platforms, and everything in between!

This is a section of a chain conveyor we did for a customer in Houston. At first, they were looking to try and re-furbish the conveyor they currently had. It was over 25 years old and had become maintenance-intensive. After sitting down with them, we realized that we would be able to all out replace the conveyor for almost the same price as their budget to refurbish it. This conveyor was the result, it is set up in our shop for runoff. The whole conveyor ended up being over 185 feet long and could hold 15 trucks. Heavy weights, high capacities & line speed don't scare us! Give EMH Systems a call, or email ejones@emhsys.com on your next conveyor project to see how we could help!

This is a robotic installation project we did for a customer in North TX (Picture is half of the total system). We supplied the mechanical labor and subcontracted out the electrical and piping labor to complete the project in 14 days. The system had 14 robots, roller transfer beds, a mezzanine observation platform, safety fencing, controls and much more. Whether it is simple structures & equipment, or complex, multi-million dollar robotic systems, EMH Systems can handle your installation needs. Call us, or email ejones@emhsys.com to see how we can help on your next installation project!

This is a project that we did for a forklift manufacturer

in Texas

This is a project that we did for a forklift manufacturer in TX that enabled operators to work on the mast of the forklift. - The problem: their previous process required the use of an overhead crane to lift the mast so the operator could work on both sides. It was arduous, slow and unsafe. - Our solution: a mast flipper that utilizes lift tables that move along guided rails. The carts move between 2 hydraulic clamps that grab the mast and rotate 180 degrees. Safer, quicker, and more efficient. Call EMH Systems for your next equipment project to see how we could add value to your manufacturing process!

This is a conveyor project we did for a customer in Houston, TX. It was a fun project that required a mix of powered accumulation conveyor and gravity roller conveyor. Turnkey project that included controls to sync all of the conveyors in the area together. Call EMH Systems for help on your next equipment project!

Custom line side manveyor (3' W x 50'L) for automotive assembly line. Contact EMH Systems for more information.